Hello Neighbor APK v2.3.8 Free Download (Unlocked) For Android

Hello Neighbor Apk game, advanced AI keeps track of your movements and you have to create unique strategies to overcome it. The game offers many amazing features such as amazing graphics, offline gameplay, an interesting sandbox map, environmental interactions, and many others. If you love playing games like Into the Dead 2 and State of Survival, Hello Neighbor could be the best alternative for you.

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App NameHello Neighbor
File Size1.1 GB
Latest Versionv2.3.8
Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2024

About Hello Neighbor APK

Hello, Neighbor Online is a mystery game for Android similar to Dark Riddle or Scary Teacher 3, in which you will have to find out what is happening in your neighbor’s basement. He is undoubtedly a very suspicious neighbor, so you will have to manage to sneak into his house stealthily to be able to go down to the basement and find out what he is up to.

Be careful though! Your neighbor doesn’t like people who are snooping around in his affairs, much less those who come into his house without his permission. That’s why you’re going to have to move very carefully and try to find the weak points of his surveillance to surprise him.

The game genre that allows players to make other games always stimulates curiosity. In these games, you often play with naughty children. They will do the task of harassing someone and making them angry. Hello Neighbor Apk is another such game, but it has a completely different way of telling stories. Horror storytelling provides a tense experience for the player.

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Stunning graphics and artificial intelligence

One of the things that will catch your attention the most about this game is its graphics, which will remind you a little of the movie Coraline. The game’s aesthetics are creative and interesting, allowing you to enjoy your adventure as if it were a fantastic animated film.

But don’t think that it is a simple linear adventure game, because in Hello Neighbor Free you will have to face the artificial intelligence that will control your suspicious neighbor, so you will have to be very careful when trying to infiltrate his house because this AI knows how to respond to your actions to make things more difficult for you.

Features of Hello Neighbor APK

Below, I have highlighted all the most important features that you will get with this version of the Hello Neighbor APK game. Read all the features so that you can get more knowledge about this game.

All unlocked

In the Hello Neighbor game, many things are locked at the beginning of the game and you have to spend a lot of time to unlock them. To solve your problem, we have already unlocked all the game items for free and you can use them whenever you want.

Advanced AI technology

The entire gameplay of Hello Neighbor APK is working on the intelligent AI system that eventually learns from your movement. You will be surprised by the AI ​​counterattacks that intelligently predict your moves and create a different situation for us to come out.

However, as I already mentioned, the game’s AI learning system indicates that we can manipulate it with intelligent steps. Feel free to move your character anywhere in the house and create confusion for the AI ​​to understand.

Climb the walls

In the Hello Neighbor game, you can enter any other house by simply climbing the walls. Always choose this way to avoid capture and make things easier for you.

Climbing neighbors’ walls across the back of the house can also result in another barricade on top of that one. However, you should always be aware of hidden cables when you climb the same wall next time.

Hello Neighbor apk download

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Some Highlights of Hello Neighbor APK

  • Adventure and mystery game. In this game, you are going to have to face an enigma. What is your neighbor hiding in his basement? The question is simple, but the answer is not easy at all. Under those stairs it seems that your neighbor is up to something that is not right at all, so you must infiltrate his house and sneak into his basement to discover it. Be careful, because your neighbor doesn’t like visitors!
  • Horror component. Although it is not an express horror game, it is not recommended for children under 10 years of age because it may have an inappropriate atmosphere for them. However, this game is not violent or has harsh elements like many other titles, so it is suitable for older children.
  • Artificial intelligence. Your neighbor can tell if you have entered through one of his windows or if you are trying to escape, and he will try to anticipate your movements. It is not a simple linear adventure, but you must face characters with artificial intelligence who are programmed to detect your mistakes and discover your steps. That’s also why each game is different!
  • Artistic graphics. While other games rely on realistic graphics or designs based on Pixel Art, Hello Neighbor has an aesthetic that will remind you a lot of some Tim Burton films or animated classics like Coraline.

A story full of mysterious colors

One day, an old man moved into his neighborhood and had no intention of meeting the people who lived around him. So, he makes you have some good ideas about how to come and move him a little bit. These are just some jokes, but they will be funny. However, when you get to his garden, everything starts to take on a bit of spooky color. He was hiding a big secret inside the house. In the end, he decides to find out what’s going on. Will you be successful with this adventure?

Simple to grasp, yet challenging to master.

Basically, “Hello Neighbor APK” is a horror version of “hide and seek” games. If you already know the rules of this game, there is no need for me to explain it further. First, the player will have to try to escape from his enemy and then find ways to find landmarks. In this game too, the most important thing is not to get arrested. The creepy neighbor will do everything he can to find a way to trap you and prevent you from finding the secret he hides in the basement. Your task is to find a way to get to the basement without getting caught.

This battle will be extremely intense because the enemy will become increasingly intelligent. If you are careless, he will immediately find his location and move forward very quickly. At that point, he uses the items he picked up and throws them away. Depending on the level of damage you deal, this pervert will be stunned for a while. He takes that opportunity and runs. Otherwise, he will be arrested and everything will go back to square one.

Extremely complex mechanism

Hello Neighbor Apk has a unique working mechanism that few games have. The villains of the game will become more and more intelligent. In games of a similar genre, the antagonist follows a predetermined route as part of their operational strategy. This means that even if the evil ones are extremely smart and agile, they will also pick up the habit when the player has played it many times. However, the evil neighbor from Hello Neighbor is much smarter.

Learn your movements and habits to make a decision. Thanks to the complex AI system, this character will get better and better, more agile, and even predict your movements. Two problems arise in this mechanism of action. First of all, if you win the first time you try this game, everything will be much easier. The next time you play, things will no longer be easy for you. If you cannot win and extend the match, you are increasingly at a disadvantage. Secondly, this is also a weakness of his. If he stops and plans well enough with unexpected moves, he will succeed.

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How to install Hello Neighbor APK

  • Uninstall the original version of Google Play if you had it installed previously.
  • Download our APK
  • Enable the installation of applications from unidentified sources through your device settings.
  • Start installing the downloaded APK file, and wait until the process finishes.
  • Ready! Enjoy Hello Neighbor APK.

Overall Conclusion

Without a doubt, Hello Neighbor Apk is the best survival game for Android users where they have to investigate the neighboring houses to reveal the secrets. Fortunately, the game allows players to interact with objects within the building, providing a distraction if detected during gameplay.

The graphics of this game are outstanding as expected from the genre and do not relate to the horror scene which becomes the main reason for its popularity. Each moment within the house presents distinctive challenges for you, directly influencing your gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hello Neighbor APK suitable for all ages?

Hello Neighbor has a rating that varies by platform. While generally suitable for teens and older players, parents should review the specific rating for their child’s chosen platform.

Can I play Hello Neighbor on my mobile device?

Yes, Hello Neighbor is available on various mobile platforms, providing a portable gaming experience.

Are there any Easter eggs in Hello Neighbor?

Yes, the game is filled with Easter eggs and hidden secrets, adding an extra layer of discovery for players.

Does the game have multiplayer features?

As of now, Hello Neighbor primarily focuses on a single-player experience, but some versions may offer multiplayer modes.

What makes Hello Neighbor stand out from other horror games?

Hello Neighbor’s emphasis on stealth, adaptive AI, and puzzle-solving sets it apart, creating a unique and suspenseful gaming experience

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