Pokemon Go APK v0.299.1 Free Download For Android

Pokémon GO APK is an augmented reality mobile game launched to the public in 2016 and is one of the most viral games due to its novelty and innovation in gameplay. The main objective of the game is, as in most Pokémon games, to get all the creatures in your world and train them to fight in PVP competitions and Pokémon tournaments.

This game is available for Android devices, so it doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung or Huawei phone as long as you have this operating system you can enjoy everything this game offers.

Pokemon go apk
App NamePokémon GO
DevelopersNiantic, Inc.
File Size100 MB
Latest Versionv0.299.1
Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2024

What is Pokemon Go APK?

Pokémon GO APK: our guide for you to discover your talent as a Pokémon master. Perhaps one of the Japanese animes that has gained the most popularity in Brazil, Pokémon GO is also one of the most innovative titles, especially in its gameplay, which has been released independently of the platform.

Pokemon Go has become the most famous augmented reality video game in the world! It already has more than a billion downloads! Pokemon Go app is not only a video game, but also a community and even a way of life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to download Pokemon Go for Android and start enjoying capturing the best Pokemon! You’ll find Pokemon Go to download below.

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Features of Pokemon Go APK

The best augmented reality experience

Nintendo got it right with the development of its official Pokemon Go. It is a video game where you can explore your city, or any other city in the world where you are, in search of different Pokémon to collect.
The Pokémon will appear in different places in each city in the world at the least expected moment, and you will have to travel to them to be able to capture them.

Make friends

Nintendo’s idea was for this game to be an app that would allow Pokémon fans to leave their homes and find themselves in different parts of the cities. People who had spent years playing Pokemon in the privacy of their Game Boy could now enjoy capturing their favorite Pokemon while touring their cities and meeting other Pokemon fans like them. In this way, this game now has a beautiful social component that none of its predecessors had.

A fun and healthy game

No more sitting at home all day! With this game, you can get up from the couch and go out to explore the streets in search of the best Pokemon Go APK. One of Nintendo’s goals was for downloading Pokemon Go to be like committing to walk daily, especially considering the problems of obesity and sedentary lifestyles in children in the United States.

When you download Pokemon Go’s latest version you will have to start exploring your city to look for the best Pokemon, but be careful! It won’t help you to go on public transportation or in your brother’s truck, because the game will detect whether you are walking or not. It’s time to get some exercise!

Up to 800 different Pokemon

Do you remember when the first Pokemon games came out for the Game Boy? It was in 1996, and at that time there were a total of 151 Pokemon to collect. At that time it seemed like a lot to us! But now, those 151 Pokemon are just the beginning, and we call them the first generation Pokemon. In the last twenty-five years, Nintendo has added several new generations of Pokémon until reaching the eighth generation, so now you have more than 800 Pokémon to capture. And this amount is likely to continue to increase in the future!

The fighting begins!

At the time of its release in 2016, this game was only about collecting different Pokemon. Shortly after, however, Nintendo implemented the Go Battle League. Now, you can use your Pokemon to battle other Pokemon trainers and rank up.

You will start at rank 1 and you can reach rank 10 as you win battles with your Pokémon. But keep in mind that you will have to walk quite a bit to do it! You’ll unlock a set of five battles every time you walk 3 kilometers with your Pokemon Go App.

Capture gyms and defeat your rivals

In this game, the cities are not only full of Pokemon Go APK: but they also have many gyms. Each gym can be ruled by one of three different teams in the game: Courage (red), Wisdom (Blue), and Instinct (Yellow). To be able to choose your team you will have to wait until you reach level 5 as a coach, but don’t worry, it’s quite easy to get! Once you’re on a team, you can team up with other trainers to attack rival gyms and take them over.

Crush your friends, or team up with them!

Maybe your friends are on different teams and you want to fight them, but maybe you’d rather join their teams and fight alongside them! Don’t worry.

Pokemon go apk downlaod

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Do you need to know about battles in Pokemon Go APK?

First, there are three types of battles: gyms, against other fighters, and, finally, Raids. We have already talked about two of them, but the rest, between players, are not very different. All it takes is for two players to be close to each other and agree to challenge each other.

The combat mechanics are always the same, as well as the viewing angle and possibilities, as we will see below. The possibilities during the battle are:

  • Attack: all Pokemon Go APK have a quick attack and a special attack. So, to use the first one, just tap the screen incessantly. The second requires a full energy bar. With it, just click on the scam icon to use it;
  • Dodge: by sliding your finger horizontally you can dodge a blow, such as a special one. As a rule, this is rarely worth it. However, in some very difficult battles, it is worth trying to dodge special moves, such as in Raids ;
  • Swapping Pokémon: Every time you fight, you must choose a team of six Pokémon and their order (except against a friend, when you must choose just three). However, you don’t need to wait until the current Pokémon is defeated before releasing another from your team. You can change during the battle as many times as you want;
  • Using items: potions, items that improve certain data, revives and the like can also be used during the fight. In battles against wild Pokémon, of course, you can also use the balls to try to capture them;

It all depends on a lot of strategy, experience, good Pokémon, and a very agile finger. But two other special secrets can make all the difference: IV and the best attacks.

Lure Modules

Another interesting item to know about is the Pokemon Go APK attracting module. They work like a kind of incense that, when placed at one of the PokeStops, attracts certain types of Pokémon for a while, in greater quantities.

The types are:

  • Common attract module: attract common Pokémon;
  • Glacial attract module: attracts water and ice Pokémon, in addition to evolving Eevee into Glaceon;
  • Attract moss module: attract insect, grass, and poisonous Pokémon, in addition to evolving Eevee into Leafon;
  • Magnetic attract module: attract steel, rock, and electric Pokémon, in addition to evolving Nosepass into Probopass and Magneton into Magnezone;
  • TIP: even if you don’t have them or don’t have coins to buy them, you can take advantage of modules placed by other players. The game map always shows PokeStops that have a module installed on them with a special animation.

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How to install Pokemon GO APK?

  • Uninstall the original version of Google Play if you had it installed previously.
  • Download our APK
  • You can install apps from sources other than official stores by adjusting your device settings.
  • Start installing the downloaded APK file, and wait until the process finishes.
  • Ready! enjoy Pokemon GO.
  • NOTE: If you want to know more about installing APK, APKs, and OBB files, see our complete Installation Guide.

Overall Conclusion

Pokémon GO APK embodies both innovation and controversy in the ever-changing mobile gaming market. As players explore the options, it’s critical to strike a balance between the desire for a unique gaming experience and the duty of protecting the safety and security of one’s digital presence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is downloading the game safe?

While some users have positive experiences, there are inherent risks. Stick to official sources to ensure safety.

The future is uncertain and depends on the evolving dynamics between user demands and Niantic’s policies.

Niantic disapproves of third-party apps. Users may face consequences, including account suspension.

Are there alternatives to Pokémon GO APK?

Yes, several legitimate alternatives offer additional features without the risks associated with unofficial versions.

The future is uncertain and depends on the evolving dynamics between user demands and Niantic’s policies.

Stick to official sources, use reliable antivirus software, and stay informed about potential risks.

What does the future hold for Pokémon GO?

The future is uncertain and depends on the evolving dynamics between user demands and Niantic’s policies.

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