Westland Survival APK v7.0.0 Download (Unlimited Money/VIP)

Westland Survival APK is a fun RPG game with an isometric perspective and 3D graphics that allows you to explore the Wild West through a character that you can completely customize from the beginning of your game. Your objective in this game will be quite free and you will be able to choose it to suit you, since, although you have some daily and weekly missions that you can complete – and that will give you interesting objects or improvements for your character you can simply dedicate yourself to exploring the map as more you want.

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App NameWestland Survival
DevelopersHelio Games
File Size444 MB
Latest Versionv7.0.0
Last UpdatedFebruary 11, 2024

What is Westland Survival APK?

It is an application in which the user controls, in third-person style, a cowboy, with the challenge of surviving. To do this, it will be necessary to take care of all aspects of life, such as eating, having a home, carrying out missions,Your convoy of travelers was surprised by a group of bandits. Unfortunately, except for you, there were no survivors.

Now, your cowboy finds himself in a hostile land, infested with sheriffs and bandits who ultimately just want to make a quick buck. Therefore, surviving will be a complicated task in these parts.

In the beginning, you will start with a character with quite reduced skills and very little equipment, so you will have to do everything possible to improve him and build a place from which you can protect yourself and spend the night. This dynamic is quite similar to other games like the ones we mentioned before, so you will have a lot to do from the first minute of your game.

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Explore life in the Wild West with the new Westland Survival APK!

The launch of Minecraft, many years ago, awakened the appetite of gamers for crafting and favored the development of different subsequent RPGs such as Rimworld or Project Zomboid APK, with which you have wide freedom to decide what to do and what decisions. take in each instance.

These RPGs move away from the stereotype of shooters like the Alpha Ace APK, where the only thing you have to do is shoot everything you see along the way, and they propose a much more creative experience where you have endless of possibilities at your fingertips.

Following in this wake of RPGs, today we bring you the new Westland Survival APK, an RPG based on survival that offers you endless crafting options and that promises to establish itself as one of the best games of the genre. Get ready to live one of the most exciting adventures in the Wild West with the new Westland Survival for Android!

Westland Survival APK Features


In the desert of the United States, in the grasslands and in the sandy and sunny desert, there are dozens of outlaws, notorious criminals and bounty hunters, smugglers… all of them live without the law, but they themselves make their own laws. Even the police here have to rely on the law of these people, such as issuing arrest warrants with different bonds,…

Your character lives in a group of merchants on this land. And unfortunately, on a cargo ship, the crew was attacked by a bandit. He is the one left behind and also the only survivor. Hatred and anger made him swear to kill them, but how could this be done? You are the key to helping your character achieve his or her aspirations.

Be a survivor in the wild west

When you join the Westland Survival APK, you will become the protagonist of the story. Initially, you are at level 1, weak and defenseless. The first thing you need to do is build a foundation for yourself. You have to cut wood, collect seeds and build houses and things while planting trees in the western wasteland.

Then you have to look for food and sell them some money, like hunting deer, rabbits, etc. Additionally, you must search for minerals to make materials, new weapons. Every time you complete a mission, you will receive rewards to help you maintain your normal life.

However, just a normal life cannot express the madness of a cowboy, building the base and taming wild animals like horses is only the first step for you to build the real thing. Strength and power to yourself. Great payday advances are your main goal. You will ride horses throughout the west, carry your latest pistol or rifle and search for the wanted.

Kill them or challenge them in a classic cowboy battle. Who faster than that person is the winner? It’s time to demonstrate the power of your weapon as well as your sorcerous fighting skills. Hundreds of missions are waiting for you, stopping robberies, dealing with the Native Americans or fighting in the Pixas,… survive and fill your pocket money.

True graphics

Westland Survival APK has incredibly realistic 3D graphics, with brown colors that lead to the wild grasslands and deserts of the American West. The characters are designed to be extremely similar to real people. The weapon system is also described in detail or the smallest parts. They all aim to give players the best experience possible.

With new content and interesting gameplay, Westland Survival promises to give players a relaxing and challenging time. Becoming a Western guy, a handsome, loved man, no less brave and brave; By successfully executing impossible missions and becoming the hero of the land of the West, he created his own rules.

Westland Survival apk download

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Tips For Westland Survival APK

The first step to surviving the difficulties of the Wild West is understanding the game’s mechanics, which we’ll talk about next. In some situations, especially when facing a gang, it is essential to master the control of the game, so as not to waste time and not take unnecessary risks.

The controls Westland Survival Game

Westland Survival APK features a kind of joystick at the bottom of the screen. Although this is a known practice among gamers, some peculiarities can be used to make your life easier. However, if you don’t know them, you can make useless efforts and even end up getting into trouble in the game.

The first point is in combat mode. When you see an enemy, just press and hold the attack button. There is no need to keep touching it, as your character will chase the enemy as long as you hold down the button.

Your arsenal of weapons, both melee and fire, as it is unlocked, also appears next to the attack commands. Thus, a simple tap on the weapon icon will make the cowboy equip it immediately.

NOTE: some weapons, such as the bow and arrow, require a little preparation time. Therefore, we do not recommend switching to it at the time of the fight, as these seconds can be costly depending on the enemy you are facing.

The survival of Westland Survival APK

We already said that you will have to collect resources and do everything yourself. Indeed, it won’t be easy, especially at the beginning, when you don’t yet have the experience and weapons to make your life smoother.

The tip here is to focus on low-risk things. For example, wood and small stones can be found lying around the map, in which case you don’t have to fight with anything to obtain them. On the outskirts of his ranch, there is a well, an inexhaustible source of water. However, don’t forget to occasionally interact with it and tap “production”, so that it has water when needed.

Regarding food, in the beginning, do not venture out with dangerous prey, such as bears and lynxes. A great choice is hares, which provide meat and are not dangerous. It is possible, at the same time, to invest in your own plantation.

Character evolution

Game experience points are divided into categories. As you progress, these categories can be edited, so that you can place your points in the ones you find most convenient, as follows:

  • Damage: allows the cowboy, when attacking, to cause more damage to prey or enemies;
  • Attack speed: reduces the time the character spends equipping and firing or striking melee weapons against enemies and prey;
  • Defense: reduces the amount of damage taken when an enemy or prey hits you;
  • Spirit: increases your power to control certain animals, such as horses;

There is no ready-made recipe for the best way to distribute your experience points. Our tip is to think about the tasks that are, at the moment, more complex for you to carry out and, therefore, bet on the skill that would be most convenient to overcome such difficulties.

Endless crafting options! – Westland Survival APK for Android

Although you can find some useful items scattered around the map, you’re going to have to learn how to craft to make your own and upgrade your weapons, armor, and tools. This is easier said than done since you will have to move around the map a lot to find materials, and you will also have to level up your skills to be able to craft the best items in the game.

To this, we must add that the game allows you to compete with your friends in interesting PvP games where you can test your character, and you also have an interesting items and weapons market where you will be able to sell your creations or buy all those objects that you need. you need them. Westland Survival has everything you need to become your new favorite RPG!

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How to install Westland Survival APK?

  1. If you had Google Play installed before, just uninstall the original version.
  2. Download our APK
  3. Enable the option to install apps from unknown sources in your device settings.
  4. Initiate the installation of the downloaded APK file and patiently wait for the process to complete.
  5. Ready! enjoy Westland Survival APK.

Overall Conclusion

Westland Survival APK is more than a game; it is a digital frontier for gamers to explore, survive, and prosper in. Its distinct blend of gameplay mechanics, immersive atmosphere, and community participation set it apart in the world of mobile gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does the game receive updates?

Westland Survival APK prides itself on regular updates, keeping the gameplay fresh with new features, events, and optimizations. Expect exciting additions to the game regularly.

Can I play Westland Survival offline?

While an internet connection is required for certain features, Westland Survival does offer an offline mode for solo play. Enjoy the game’s core experience even without a constant internet connection.

Are there in-app purchases, and how do they impact gameplay?

Yes, Westland Survival includes in-app purchases for cosmetic items, boosts, and other conveniences. While these purchases can enhance gameplay, they are not necessary for a fulfilling gaming experience.

What devices are compatible with Westland Survival?

Westland Survival is available on both Android and iOS devices. Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to enjoy gaming without any issues.

How can I report bugs or suggest improvements?

The development team welcomes player feedback. Navigate to the in-game settings or visit the official forums to report bugs, suggest improvements, and actively participate in shaping the future of Westland Survival.

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